Arts & Crafts Mobile Events

Tired of the typical? Arts & Crafts is a fresh way to play! We host painting classes and parties for ALL experience levels (we specialize in newbies!). Private Parties, Kids Classes, Bachelorette Bashes, Birthdays, and more! Let us worry about set up, clean up, and supplies. You just pick a time and a place. We’ll be there with bells on (and all the art supplies you could wish for).



1. Sign up or Schedule!

For public events, Check the calendar to sign up and to find specific pricing and event info. For a Private Party or event, contact us to schedule a time and day.

2. Gather your people!

Once you’ve found what you want to do, tell everyone to join you! Gather ye rosebuds and make an evening of it. Or, take a night for yourself and join a public class on your own.

3. Just bring yourself (and possibly some refreshments)

We provide all the art supplies, tables, chairs, and even music, that you’ll need. Just get to your event 10-15 minutes early to get settled and choose your crafting spot. Seating is first come, first serve, so big parties plan accordingly!

frequently asked questions (faqs)

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1. What is Arts & Crafts Mobile Events?

Arts & Crafts Mobile Events is a traveling art company that specializes in painting parties for beginners and kids. It’s owned and operated by local artist, Hannah Grace. She walks you step-by-step through creating one of her original painting designs. Arts & Crafts can travel to homes, businesses, schools, markets, and more.

2. Can I really paint that?

YES YOU REALLY CAN! Arts & Crafts specializes in beginners and has a real soft spot for non-believers. The paintings are intended for ANY skill level. Hannah will trace out any complicated shapes and take you step-by-step through the process to insure that you get the most of your experience.

3. What kind of paint do you use?

We use acrylic paints for our projects. It will come off of your hands and out of your hair, but NOT your clothes. While I DO provide aprons, I suggest wearing clothes you wouldn’t mind staining.

4. What supplies and services does Arts & Crafts Mobile Events provide for an event?

Arts & Crafts provides anything you will need to create the scheduled painting or project. That includes art supplies, aprons, tables, chairs, and even music. It also includes set up, clean up, and instruction. There is no extra charge for any of these services/supplies.

5. How do I schedule a Private Event?

Check out my Private Parties page for details! Call or email me today to schedule or inquire about the specifics.

6. How do I join a Public Event?

Take a look at my Calendar to find a list of available Public Events. Each event will contain pricing, details, and a link to register.

7.  Can Arts & Crafts hold an event at my business?

Sure I can! I also travel to schools, festivals, and other locations. Check out my Community and Company Events page for details, or contact me with questions and requests.

8. Do you offer events for children?

Sure do! Check my Junior Events page for more details. Contact me with questions or to schedule!

9. Do you ever provide alcohol?

Arts & Crafts Mobile Events never provides alcohol for events. Please be sure to check the age requirements of any business hosting an Arts & Crafts Mobile Event.

10. Can I request a custom painting for my event?

You most certainly can! I am always working to grow my portfolio of options. If I don't have something for you already, I'll work with you to create it! 

11. How many people are allowed in each event?

I require a minimum of 6 people for adults and 7 people for junior events. I have a maximum of 20 guests for my typical classes.

For more loosely structured occasions (such as fairs, farmer's markets, or wedding receptions), this number may vary. Please contact me with questions.

12. What is your cancellation policy?

For Private Parties and Events: Should you need to cancel your event, there is a 5 day cancellation policy. You MUST cancel 5 days in advance to avoid being charged the minimum private party fee of $180.00. If you cancel more than 5 days prior to the event, NO charge will be made.

For Public Classes: To receive a refund you must cancel your reservation 48 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 48 hours prior to you reservation, you are not guaranteed a refund.

13. Do I have to prepay?

For Public Classes: To attend a Public Class, you must prepay to reserve a seat. Because our events tend to fill up so quickly, we cannot guarantee a space to anyone who does not reserve a seat.

For Private Parties: There is no deposit or payment required before an event, but we do require a Cancellation Policy in our Event Agreement to keep on file until your party. If you break the Cancellation Agreement, a charge will be considered for your party.

14. Who teaches your classes?

The founder and owner of Arts & Crafts, Hannah Grace. She has been instructing beginners in painting and drawing since 2008. Hannah believes that every person has creative energy, they just need someone to show them how to use it! She loves bringing people closer to the arts, and hopes to positively impact our community with this creative new business.