Arts & Crafts Mobile Events

Tired of the typical? Arts & Crafts is a fresh way to play! We host painting classes and parties for ALL experience levels (we specialize in newbies!). Private Parties, Kids Classes, Bachelorette Bashes, Birthdays, and more! Let us worry about set up, clean up, and supplies. You just pick a time and a place. We’ll be there with bells on (and all the art supplies you could wish for).



1. Sign up or Schedule!

For public events, Check the calendar to sign up and to find specific pricing and event info. For a Private Party or event, contact us to schedule a time and day.

2. Gather your people!

Once you’ve found what you want to do, tell everyone to join you! Gather ye rosebuds and make an evening of it. Or, take a night for yourself and join a public class on your own.

3. Just bring yourself (and possibly some refreshments)

We provide all the art supplies, tables, chairs, and even music, that you’ll need. Just get to your event 10-15 minutes early to get settled and choose your crafting spot. Seating is first come, first serve, so big parties plan accordingly!

Everything I do, I do it for you...

Something tells me a lot of you have uttered a phrase similar to, "I can't draw a stick figure!" at some point in your lives. I'm here to prove you wrong...and hopefully make you feel real good about yourselves in the process.

I spend my time researching and organizing ideas to help you connect to the arts and our community in a hands-on, refreshing way. What can I do that you'll love? What would you be most proud of creating? What do you connect to the most? What could be fresh and fun and creative--but also easy to try? I brainstorm and read and google (and google some more) and sometimes just fuss around in my studio making up fun projects for us. And then I work and rework ways to show them to everyone, to spread the word, to grow our little community of for-fun painters. And I take a lot of pictures of it all. Like, a lot.

I'm driven to the endless hours of thinking and making and carrying those tupperware boxes across the universe by the idea that I might help someone find a connection to creating, or more commonly, to help someone relieve just a little stress from their life. Life is hard (and normal and routine). You deserve a to take a break, to try a new thing, or to laugh for a minute. Art can do all that! It can heal your mind, relieve pain, inspire you. And you deserve to try it without judgement! Art offers so much opportunity for growth and experimenting and catharsis. I have found solace in creating and sharing it, and I want to help you feel that too.

I'll keep adding posts about the ways art is good for you, new project ideas I've been messing with, and long gushing posts just like this one. You just keep showing up to play!